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Why renting is better than buying

why renting is better than buying apo apartment london

To rent or to buy, that is the question.  Until recent years, buying has been the ultimate goal, but times they are a changin’.


Whether it be clothes, cars, homes or shoes, millennials are becoming known as generation rent.  Alongside Gen Z they are paving the way when it comes to making decisions led by environment, freedom of choice and freedom to grow.  The rental market caters to all of these things and more which is why, at Apo, we are seeing a savvy new generation of residents looking to avoid buying because the advantages of renting come out on top.


Here we look at why renting may actually be better for a lot of people today than buying. 

The benefits of renting

Where buying brings ‘status’, renting provides freedom.  Which is more important to you?  Here are a few of the influences creating a boom in the rental market.


The accessible price of renting

Forget saving tens of thousands of pounds for a deposit.  A deposit may often be inescapable whether you are renting or buying, but compared to buying, a rental deposit is relatively affordable.  At Apo, we go that extra mile by offering a deposit free option. Just enquire with our team for more information.

Additionally, there is no need to save for lawyers fees, surveyors, a mortgage broker or stamp duty.


No building repairs? No worries

Building repairs and maintenance challenges will always crop up.  When you buy you have no landlord to call to arrange repairs.  It’s suddenly up to you.  Project management is expensive and time consuming.  When you rent, you don’t have to think twice about creating the time or money to fix the problem.


Invest smarter

With apps for robo-investments, crypto investing, challenger banks and premium bonds, there are a range of safe to risky opportunities to grow your savings.  We aren’t financial advisors but we do know there are a range of ways to make more from your money than through buying.

studio apartment to rent Barking East London
open plan studio apartment to rent east london

Flexible Renting through Apo

With all the above benefits of renting, there is a lot of room for improvement to make renters feel valued, settled and at home.  Apo was born out of the idea to roll with the rental wave.  We thought ‘how can we make renting even better for renters?’.  This is how our ‘living membership’ was born.  

Upgrade, downgrade, move locations, add or remove amenities with only a couple months notice. Let’s look at how renting through Apo gives you much more flexibility than other rental accommodation in London


More control over monthly payments 

The Apo living membership allows you to choose how much you pay alongside your rent.  Need a cleaner?  Add it on.  Looking for extra space?  We have additional storage to rent.  Looking for a handyman?  Let us know.  Extra fast wifi?  Sounds good to me.  Need a space to store your bike?  Let us know.  You can bolt a range of amenities onto your monthly rent so that you can pay in one swift monthly payment. 


Room to change size 

At different times of life we need more or less space. Working from home? Get more space. Moving in with friends? Grab an extra room. Moving in with a partner? Downsize. Thinking about children? Upgrade again. 


With most rental accommodation in London you can move after 12-18 months, or give notice at a 6 month break clause.  At Apo, we go one step further - you can move between studio, one and two bedroom apartments at any time with as little as one or two months notice.


Free to change location


Apo Barking opened a little over a year ago.  Now, we are already about to open our second location in Kew Bridge.  One family, two sides of London.  We let you change apartment size or location whenever you want to.  You might be moving jobs, or you may just fancy a change, either As we grow and open new spaces your freedom to move, adapt and evolve will grow too. 


Sound good?

Sounds like Apo.

Get in touch to book your tour today.



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