Aromatherapy tips to support a new way of living in London

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This week is Aromatherapy Awareness Week and in a year where self care has become more important than ever, it’s time to understand the powers of holistic practices. Most of us are spending a lot more time in our home space - so the art of daily routine has to be practiced and adjusted for this new way of living in London. Whether you have just moved into Apo, or if you’re trying to find your flow in your new home, it’s a great time to integrate a little ‘you time’ into your life.

Enter aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oils and aromas for emotional and physical well-being. 

You may have noticed that we are doing a little Instagram giveaway this week with Epoch London. Epoch is an East London-based aromatherapy brand that knows a thing or two about self care. We talk to Epoch founder, Lizzy, about her aromatherapy tips to support a new way of living in London.

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Rituals for moving home

Moving home marks the start of a new chapter making this one of the best times to reset, build new habits and start again. Unpacking boxes is a natural nesting experience and as you do this, you start to build a vision of your new life in your new home. 

Reset, rebalance.

This is all sounding very ‘sage’, and speaking of sage, the Native Americans traditionally burn sage to rebalance energy. This cleansing ritual has filtered down into London life and many people give it a go when they move home because it cleanses the environment, warding off bad energy. Apo is all about that ‘good vibes only’ life.

Sage can also be used at the start of the day, or at the start of your yoga practice. It promotes healing, wisdom and clarity - hence the phrase ‘sage advice’. 


Aromatherapy tips for throughout the day

Now you have cleared the room and set the scene, let’s take a look at how Lizzy uses aromatherapy throughout the day to create balance and calm in busy London life.

aromatherapy advice grapefruit bergamot orange blossom Epoch East London
Aromatherapy advice to start your day

Are you a ‘bounce out of bed’ kind of person? Or more into the *hits snooze for the fifth time* approach?

Whether it’s the adjustment into a new normal, or a change of pace over the last year, many Londoners are feeling fatigued more easily than usual. It's important to try to pay a bit of extra attention to how you are feeling throughout the day. 

Where does aromatherapy come into this? Well, top notes such as grapefruit, bergamot and orange blossom are power-scents when it comes to creating that energising, uplifting feeling. These summer scents will wake you up and enable you to start your day with a spring in your step.

aromatherapy tips living in london CBD Epoch
Aromatherapy tips to promote workflow 

Do you ever sit there at work and feel your breath shortening and shortening? Maybe you hold your breath in your chest when you’re really concentrating. Your shoulders lift and you lean in towards your screen - sound familiar? Same. 

Whether you are working from home, the office, or a bit of both, we come across stressful situations and intense bouts of concentration. By creating balancing moments throughout the day, and returning to a state of calm, you become more productive for longer periods of time. 

If your brain is fried by Tuesday or you're burnt out by Friday, grounding base notes like sandalwood, black pepper and patchouli will give you emotional support. Combined with CBD, these scents reduce the anxiety and intensity of back to back zoom calls or of the rush that is living in London.

lavendar east london aromatherapy sleep rest epoch
Aromatherapy tips for a good night's sleep

Sleep is the key to our emotional and physical wellbeing and the excitement and stimulation of London life can sometimes rock the boat when it comes to how we unwind.

Not getting much sleep? We’ve got you sorted. 

It's actually not unusual for sleep to be disturbed for a few nights when you move home because your mind is on ‘protection mode’ whilst you get used to the new space. The good news is that breathing exercises and aromatherapy can act as the most calming combinations to lull you into your 40 winks. Lavender, roman chamomile and patchouli cool your senses. These aroma’s ground you, calm you and reduce tension. 

Who knew that a dose of pillow mist and a few deep breaths could change the game for a good night's sleep entirely making you more of a ‘bounce out of bed’ person. 

If you are looking to give aromatherapy a go, don’t forget to enter to win this Epoch London gift set. It’s easy to enter.