Tips for working from home at Apo

I think we can all safely assume that if we are still working from home now, whether full time or part time, some form of working from home will continue to be in our lives long in to our future.  When we were working from home temporarily, we found ways to adapt and perhaps even saw an increase in focus with the reduction of travel and distraction.  Now, we might find things are looking a little different.  Adapting our lives to work from home in the longterm is another story.


Some people have taken on hot design memberships, head to cafes, or have found gyms that have a workspace.  Apo Barking and Apo Kew have multiple dedicated spaces for you to work from.


The best places to work from at Apo


Multi-use spaces have always been at the heart of Apo.  We want to ensure that we have everything you need to be the best version of yourself.  Let’s take a look at where you can work from.



Co-work at The Local


During the working day, The Local is a design to move from a weekend lounge area to a co-working space.  There is floods or natural light, and plenty of places to sit.  Sit soft, borrow a booth or choose a table.  The choice is yours.


Pop into a private booth


In every Local there is a private, glass-front booths that allows you to make calls out of anyone else’s ear reach.  We ask that you use these for calls or video conferences only, allowing your neighbours to make the most of the booths too. 


Work from your apartment


Lots of our residents like to work from their apartment for at least part of the day, many even choose flats with a spare room to use as an office.  Our apartments have plenty of natural light to stimulate concentration. 

Head to the roof terrace


All residents have access to the roof terraces at Apo.  On warmer days, working outside with an amazing view of Kew can be the best way to tap into your focus. 


Tips for working from home productively 


Now you know the best places to work, let’s take a look at the best ways to keep your focus when working from home at Apo.


1. Create routine


Working from home can lack routine.  Perhaps sometimes you’re in an office, others you’re in a coffee shop, and other times you’re in your bed.  Wherever you work from, try to create a structured routine.  Perhaps work from one space in the morning, or another in the evening.  


2. Move around


“Moving around throughout the day is best from a physiological perspective, and is great for concentration.” Ben Lombard, Physiotherapist. 


Move from a table to a sofa, a chair to a stool.  Start in The Local, and switch to the roof terrace.  One of the many reasons for creating multi-use spaces at all Apo locations is so that you can build a long-term relationship with working from home.


3. Plenty of natural light


Every single apartment and public space at Apo has plenty of natural light.  Working by a window, or even on your balcony, ensures you get a sufficient amount of vitamin D and other forms of productivity from natural light. 


4. Borrow energy


By working from places like The Local, you will be near other people who are ‘in the zone’.  This will help you to find your own concentration on days where it’s feeling a little lost.


5. Regular breaks


Try to take regular breaks at the same times each day.  If you are working from your apartment, try to leave the building between stopping work and starting to chill, even if it’s just for a short time.


6. Separate spaces for work and play


It’s important to have a space to work, and a space to chill.  Try to keep your bedroom as your sleep space.  If don’t have a space room for work, use The Local as your workspace so that you can mentally and physically ‘put your work away’ at the end of the day.


Looking for an apartment with co-working space included in your monthly rent?  Book in for a tour of Apo Barking or Apo Kew Bridge.