Anyone who rents through Apo gets to take advantage of a range of perks and benefits.

Upgrade your apartment whenever you like

At Apo, there are no more inflexible tenancies, no more unwanted waiting time to your next break. If you need more space, you can choose to upgrade your apartment at any time during your lease.

Only pay for what you want

Our services and amenities should add value to your life. That’s why we partner with the best brands and give our members the opportunity to uniquely tailor their experience and pick and choose their perks. If our plug-and-play housekeeping service isn’t for you, it doesn’t have to be. We want you to only ever pay for what you want.

Move freely between locations

Loyal to East London but fancy a bit of West? With our flexible tenancies, you have the freedom to move to any of our locations across the city.

One simple app to run your home

A simple app not just to manage your home but connecting you to the community. Join the clubs, events and connect with your neighbours online.



We love to keep it local and are always on the look out for local partners to collaborate with. If you’ve got a project or an idea and it will help our members, please drop us a line.

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